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DuraCasa Bed Risers or Furniture Riser 6 Pack - Raises 3 Inches in Height (3 Inch, Set of 6)


DuraCasa Bed Risers or Furniture Riser 6 Pack - Raises 3 Inches in Height (3 Inch, Set of 6)

$ 29.97 $ 64.99
Size: 3 Inch, Set of 6

DuraCasa Heavy Duty Adjustable Bed Risers 

Are you always short on storage space? We have a quick and inexpensive solution for you. Introducing our Heavy Duty Bed Riser set. 

The DuraCasa bed and furniture riser set was specifically designed and manufactured to lift your bed, desk, table, or any other furniture an additional 3". 

This Heavy Duty Bed Riser Set has the following features: 

    • Each unit can hold up to 325 pounds, for a total of 1300 pounds! 

    • Every piece of the bed riser's recessed top can securely hold a bed frame foot up to 2.75 inches wide 

    • Safe to use on Hardwood floors. Won't Scratch or Dent them. 

    • Increases space under your bed for extra storage. Up to an incredible 13 cubic feet of extra storage space! 

    • Attractive Black Finish that goes well with all furniture 

Multi functional, can be used in your home or office! 

Suffer from Acid Reflux? Use 2 of the units at the head of your bed to help elevate the bed and reduce the acid. 

Pregnant or have issues with blood circulation problems? No problem you can use 2 of the units and elevate the end of the bed only. 

100 percent money back guarantee! 

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  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Bed Lift System Instantly Creates Additional Under Bed Storage. Ideal For Furniture as Well. Modular Design. 6 Total Pieces For up to 3" of Clearance Under the Bed.
  • Incredibly Strong Heavy Duty Construction, Adjustable Bed and Furniture Riser Can Be Customized with Different Heights: Extra 3 Inches. Contains a Maximum Bedpost Diameter of 2.75 inches.
  • They Safely Support a Total of up to 1,300 Pounds! Won't Scratch or Dent Hardwood Floors.
  • Great For Small Bedrooms, Dorm Rooms or Wherever Space is at a Premium.
  • Riser Set Includes Four 3" Riser Cups That May Be Used Alone or Stacked. Bed Leg or Caster Fits Safely and Securely Into the Recess Cup Built into the Bed Riser.

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